On Being Social

On Being Social

I am working on a personal theory these days about levels of appropriate sharing on social networks. Typically my levels of sharing have erred on the longside, in the middle or not at all (i.e. deactivating my FB account).

The intuitive thought came to me as I was typing a long response to something this morning (this post notwithstanding). The thought was simply this: If I have to type more than 8 words about it, then it’s too personal and not appropriate for sharing in a public forum. Note the word “I”, not you, us or them. I, as in for me. My choices always prepare the way for my experiences. So, if I choose to leave a minimal or no response, that will be what I get (in most cases) the same response back leaving me more peaceful and serene which can indeed lead to less, or no drama.

7 thoughts on “On Being Social

  1. Olland

    We’ll never have to worry about legislation stealing away our right to free speech because the pressures of this very anti-social media we call Social media is doing the job quite well. I think people are generally less interested in opening a dialogue than they are in obtaining ‘likes’; which is hugely disappointing. The social aspect is completely missing and it sucks.

  2. After typing out a long response to a post, I often find myself deleting it without posting. Sometimes the act of writing it out is what’s important, but not that other people see it.
    We live in weird times. It’s hard not to get paranoid.

  3. Holly

    I like, “My choices always prepare the way for my experiences.” That’s important to remember. Eight words is too few for my wordy self, but may work out great for you. 🙂 Figuring out how much to engage is tricky, I agree.

  4. Lovelightdogs

    It depends on who it is I’m responding to. If they need schooled, I will school them, if they need love, I will love them. I think it’s important to do whatever amount of words it take to get your expression across and connect. For some it’s a book, others it’s just a poop emoji. But… for someone who keeps messaging you with the same complaint and never does anything to try to help themselves, a short answer is good. 🙄 Blah bal blah…🤭… now go away! 😂

  5. Celedongeo

    Do you remember when you first got online and had to navigate through all the data and encountered all the new worlds the internet brought to your doorstep? It was kind of like an old decoder ring that you got out of a cereal box- you could use it but you needed the secret code to go with it in order to understand it. That’s how it is now with one’s online persona; you never know for certain who you are talking to or responding to or if it is simply a troll that is hooked up to a bot system. I err on the side of caution, most of the time, but not always. Sometimes it is better to reveal a tiny fraction of who you really are rather than you you are when online in some circumstances. You have to learn all the many stratas to behaving in an accepted manner according to what the group has indicated to be acceptable, what the rules are because depending on what you are doing, and who you are talking to, the rules are different. Do I reveal myself for all my flaws and issues online? Heck no, but it is better to keep in mind who your “audience” is when online because you never know who is watching and reading your posts and seeing your profile. If you can do that, yet still be willing to take the risk of being social online, more power to you! It may be worth the risk after all.

  6. Anonymous Mouse

    I agree with your blog. I used to post a lot more personal stuff but then my boyfriend got FB so I couldn’t vent anymore but I found that I did not really lose or gain anything by stopping. I really like the 8 words or less approach that you thought of.

  7. I try to keep things brief, and positive. That usually will take more than 8 words, but not more than 100. Unless it’s a really close friend, of which I will definitely overshare privately. 🙂

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