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Savoring Saturday

April 30, 2011

Friday was a no blog day because of the Kidney stone of doom. I slept and then later at night well during the witching hour (which some say it is all 24 of them for me :D _) I read. It was also when I had the Hagen Dazs sugar overdose lol.

Of course there is more Great Aunt baby cuteness here in this picture. This is Evelyn meeting her new little sister Jillian. OMG how darn cute is that. Evelyn is just enraptured by her. Have you ever seen anyting so cute?

So, early Saturday in the wee hours I spent my time dozing and reading a new book that is going to be coming out by author Melissa de La Cruz called Witches of East End this is going to be a new adult series for her. Melissa primarily only writes young adult paranormal books. I finished the book in an evening/morning. It was pretty damn good. I haven’t read her Blue Bloods YA series so I don’t have anything to compare her previous writing to. Which I am glad about. This isn’t a review of the book. Some lucky reviewer is going to take care of that for you. But I will say this is definitely worth picking up. Melissa has created a very unique new spin on witchcraft and created an alternate world that is pretty interesting, passionate without being seedy, mysterious without being too over the top, a world a person could come to love and buy into.

I also played Words With Friends with one friend and a bunch of people I don’t know at all. Won a few games lost several more. It is like Scrabble and it is an iTunes game. I am playing the free version.  It is pretty fun if you can get people to play their moves. I kind of like Lexulous on Facebook more because if somebody is inactive for a long while you can nudge them to play their turn. I really love playing Scrabble. THERE something you may not have known about me.

Oh! We only had two more unsubscribes over the last day and half or so. I bet we lose a few over the Kidney stone post. LMFAO. :)

What else…. oh yeah! I hope to watch the current episode of Sanctuary that aired last Monday. We didn’t know it changed days, so I am hoping the DVR caught it. We watched the episode from the week before last night. Because thanks to the fucking hackers getting past the “thank you SONY PS3 for keeping our credit card data and personal data safe from dickwads” we couldn’t watch bones or netflix. Though I do suppose I could hook up to my laptop. I have the “CORD” I can never remember the name of it. Maybe I will do that!

DH has to work all weekend so I am on my own again. Which funnily enough is the name of one of his songs. Hey, maybe that isn’t so funny….hmmmm :D

So that’s a wrap!

What are you doing for Saturday? Any of you watching Sanctuary? What books are you reading? Or playing Words With Friends or other favorite online games?