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Derby Bead Madness And A Couple of Discount Codes

May 13, 2011

Woohoo! Well, we got back from our LONGGGGG trip to the home of the KY Derby and apparently cool small bead tours, fairly unscathed. That cannot be said for our pocket book though. lol I apologize for not posting this sooner, it has been a wickedly long week. As you can see, I am posting this at 3:10 am when I should be in bed if that gives you any idea how crazy it has been.

We started out our journey a bit later than I would have liked and of course I ALWAYS forget that we are in a different time zone so didn’t factor that in for the travel time. Hit McNasty’s for a hockey puck breakfast. Here’s where I made my first mistake. They have this new drink (new to me since I don’t go out much or eat there much) froze strawberry lemonade. I thought to myself “self, that looks good for a long drive”. So, I get that instead of coffee which I really wanted one of those vanilla coffees or something. Anything that resembles a latte balms my sore Seattle heart. But I knew better than to drink coffee before starting on that long 3.5 hour journey. Besides my cardiologist BITCHES when I don’t follow orders. Sheez the nerve.

Apparently the strawberry gunk is made with sugar and red dye (die) number 800687. Which they had glopped all over the bottom of the cup. I stirred it up some, but thought hey they know what they are doing right? OMFG puke on stick.gag.a.cat.with.a.dog.on.top.of.a.goat.lickin.SOB. that stuff was nasty! I could taste the chemicals in the DYE! Thank goodness I had water and plenty of it. So I gagged and stirred and stirred and stirred, thinking surely this must mix together and be better.

The best part of the drink was throwing it the hell away. Product not recommended unless you have had your taste buds surgically removed.

Okay so you know we have been having severe flooding down here in KY. Well, it is really REALLY bad, I spent a lot of time oohing and ahhing over the water being so high and moving around and talking with my arms. So much so that I made myself car sick. So we had to stop for emergency Dramamine. LOL I know better than to do that. Leave home without the pills and to make too much motion with my lips and arms in the car.

On the road again we make it in great time, and get in and hit the tables, we had a perfect amount of time. The people running the show were very helpful and nice. The prices were great and we bought some very cool beads and findings that you will see made into cool creations on our new jewelry site http://acharmingtime.com very soon.

Here’s a picture of the bead stash. My favorite were some oval dragon’s blood beads and carved jade beads. I saw lots of new things I had never seen before. I have been working with gemstones since about 1997 or so. That was pretty cool. I found a few names for pieces that had come my way that I couldn’t place, which is great!

All in all it was a great trip with the family, very productive. We made another stop which I hope to blog about this weekend <read rant and roll>.

So, the title of the post promised discount codes. Since you are all new to our jewelry store here ‘s an incentive to do some shopping!

We are currently offering a 15% discount code: BNRONE15off
Free Shipping Code: BNRONEfreeship

Orders ship within 48 hours or less.


Haunted Blog Carnival ENDS Tomorrow!

November 1, 2008

Hi everybody!

If you haven’t come over and placed all of your entries for the amazing Haunted Bloggy Carnival, you have until tomorrow Sunday November 2nd at MIDNIGHT Pacific time (that’s 3:00 am for all you far East coasters).

There is still plenty of time to get in and possibly win some of these amazing prizes!!

Here’s the link to the contest here at the Weird Stuff In My Desk Blog where there are over $2330.00 in prizes:


Here’s the link to our sister site the Bitten by Books Blog where there are over $3800.00 in prizes (new ones added late this week)


Last but not least, several NEW amazing discount codes have been added to the site here:


As well as FREE books and other goodies here at our sister site.


These pages are ALWAYS changing so check back daily to get your free goodies and favorite retailer discounts.

Last Chance Discounts, Contest and Freebies!

August 27, 2008

Hey everybody,

Summer is winding down and things are starting to look like fall here in the Pacific Northwet (yep, still raining). We are about to embark on a journey of a life time across country to our new home in KY. Talk about a long LONG drive!

There are a few things that I wanted to remind you of before I head out and am out of pocket so to speak for the next few weeks.

1. There is a prize up for grabs that our sister site Bitten by Books donated to the amazing Raven Radio. You can win a $25.00 Amazon.com Gift Card !!! This contest ends on August 31st, so spread the word and get on over and ENTER now!!! Hurry time is running out for this one.

2. Several of our AMAZING discount codes that were offered up from the Bloggy Carnival are about to expire too. Do NOT delay, and grab your savings today (hey I was a poet and didn’t even know it! lol)

These shop codes expire on 8/31/08, and who knows when you will have savings like these offered up again from these great stores. Show them some love by shopping with them.
Manic Trout – 15% off an order, use code: SummerFun expires 8/31/08

Crater Lake Company – 20% off purchase of $20 or more. Use coupon code: CARNIVAL Expires 8/31/08.

Vintage Body Spa LLC – 15% off an order. Use coupon code: CARNIVAL Expires 8/31/08.

Wylde Ivy – 20% of an order from now until August 31st 2008. Use code: weirdstuff

3. There are still some awesome discounts and even some gift cards available on our Discount Codes Page. Click here to get your savings.

4. How about some TOTALLY Free stuff? Over at our sister site Bitten by Books, there is a new FREEBIES page. Hop over and get some free books and other goodies. Some items are available in very limited quantities, so act today. Be sure to check this page often as we have new Freebies come and go each week.

Watch for some awesome new reviews headed your way once I get back. I have a bunch of groovy new products to fill you in on. Until then, keep on shopping!

What Does it For You, I Really Want to Know

April 28, 2008

Hey everybody,

I was just looking at some potential new shopping conquests over at the Wickedly Chic Spring Fling. There are several interesting e-tailers listed and they have some nice discounts. Sadly, there are some that don’t even remotely tempt me with the discount they have offered. The good news is that there are several that DO tempt me. This is a pretty cool gift guide and I recommend you check it out post haste as they are having FREE Drawings each week until the middle of June.

This week it is Flying Needle Gallery who has some STUNNING textiles that are all handmade and very reasonably priced. I love her discount too, so much so I see some new pillows and napkins in my immediate future! And if you are like me and LOVE FREE stuff, be SURE to go to the main Wickedly Chic website and sign up for their newsletter. Every Sunday (and sometimes more than once a week) they have a Sunday Giveaway with awesome prizes. Liz has the most awesome product reviews and interesting new e-tailers around. Check it out, you will be so glad you did.

Let me start out by saying that I think it is great when e-tailers anywhere want to give a discount at all. But, I started thinking about this scenario a few months ago. What is the point where I personally see a discount and it tips me into actually placing a first time order with a NEW company? What does it for me? Well, usually a discount of 20% or more, and frankly the more the better especially if it is my first order. I don’t give a hill of beans about shipping. Typically most retailers now offer flat rate shipping of $8.95. Free shipping almost never sways me to buy. Common sense dictates that if the discount is more than 20% chances are I will save much more than that $8.95 “free” shipping. Maybe if it was international free shipping, I would think about it, but it is doubtful.

If the discount is between 20 and 25% I typically will spend $25.00 or so. If it is 30% or more, I will spend between $60.00 and $100.00 (maybe more if I can sneak it in lol). And these figures are for a FIRST time order, not repeat orders. Give me 40% or 50% off and I might even foam at the mouth for you.

5% discounts chap my hide and make me want to gouge my eyes out with a mixing bowl. 10% discounts annoy me and chances are if I see these two discounts, I won’t go back to look at the site again that is to say if I have even made it there to begin with. ENTICE me people. There are THOUSANDS of places to shop that have competitive prices, excellent products and service. What are you willing to offer to sway me to your business and to become an advocate as well as a repeat spender?

I am a business owner and have been in both service and goods sales, so the age old argument businesses give that “we just can’t afford it” won’t cut it with me. Because you can WRITE off your loss at the end of the year on your taxes. And no I am not saying that you should always offer discounts, but if you are going to do it, do it well. Because at least for this consumer, anything under 20% won’t convince me. No matter how good your products are or word of mouth is about your business.

The other thing that doesn’t do it for me on a first time order are the FREE gift with purchase offers. There is no way I want a free gift of the sellers choice if I don’t know if I like your product. Give me a solid discount and throw some small samples in for free if you really want to make me scream in happiness.

Times are very tight for a lot of people and have been since 9-11. Even for our family has had its fair share of struggles. Given all of the economic factors, I continue to spend and support indie businesses as often as I can, and that is usually several times a week. That being said, I only support the businesses who offer me the best VALUE for my dollar. To me looking for a discount is no different than clipping countless grocery store coupons, just less time consuming and less dangerous. :) Do I expect a discount every time? No, but chances are I will probably save up my order until there is one and that is the honest truth. Consumers can potentially discount a business to death, I have seen it happen on more than one occasion. As a business owner you have to follow your business plan and do what is best for you.

My question to all of you out there is when it comes to trying a new company, what does it for you? What discount would sway you? Is it free product? Free shipping? Word of mouth and no discount?

Don’t be shy, step right up and tell me how you really feel. I really DO want to know.

Bloggy Carnival Winner!

April 27, 2008

Thank you so much to everybody who entered the giveaway for a FREE Custom Perfume Blend from Fragrantsoul.com.

The Random Number Generator picked number 31 Mama Zen! She has five days to respond to the email announcement I just sent her. :) Edited to add that she did contact me and we have an official winner!

Be SURE to subscribe to our newsletter here on the blog as I am planning on doing some more giveaways in the very near future for other things (read Amazon GC ).

For those who didn’t win, I am offering you a 25% off discount to you good towards a purchase of our exclusive Purification and Banishing Negativity Spray on our Fragrantsoul.com. Use coupon code: bloggycarnival expires 5/31/08

You can purchase multiple bottles in your order. HURRY this offer is limited to stock on hand, no rain checks once the stock is gone, the coupon is no longer valid.