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E-Tailer Review: The Mom Lady’s Beauty Booty

October 15, 2008

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Arrrggghhhh me hearties! I have quite the treasure trove to share with you today! I have sailed (ok surfed) the seven seas (read internet) for treasures near and dear to me heart lasses. At The Mom Lady’s Beauty Booty there be treasure! My hoard of goodies has traveled all the way from the Emerald City to the wilds of KY (the state not the Jelly), and they have not fared well. As in, the loot is almost GONE. I have to switch back to my regular persona, cause the pirate talk is giving me a headache. LOL

I received an amazing gift basket packed full of delights. Here’s what was in the basket, then I will hit the highlights. Three shower gels, 4 lip balms, 1 body lotions (one HUGE, one small), a rubber ducky AND a fish shaped nail brush. To say that owner Elaine Neetz went all out for me is an understatement. This fine lady knows how to build a truly dreamy gift basket.

Lets talk about the packaging. Simple from the word go, which I like. Lets face it folks, I am not in the shower for a tea party. I need product packaging that holds up and it doesn’t have to be super fancy. Everything is clearly labeled with the ingredients and the scent. And of course adorned with the oh so cute and piratey Mom Lady’s logo. The only thing I didn’t care for was the small lotion bottle, it was a super stiff plastic that was hard for me to squeeze. Nor did I like the large lotion that was in a jar. It was the same stuff, just in a jar. I am a squeezer not a scooper when it comes to lotion. Don’t like getting it under my nails. Then have to wash my hands to get the stuff out. Which then leaves me with no lotion on my hands again.

Now, on to the actual lotion. It is a medium thickness lotion that goes on smooth and is not greasy feeling at all. It looks slightly grainy, but you do NOT feel that aspect at all. The scenting on the Veggie Fruit Fruit lotion jar was medium, and the cucumber melon tended to linger (in a good way). The little bottle was unscented Shea’s Buttered Buns lotion. So, as far as lotion goes, it gets an A.

Moving on to the shower gels. Now, I am not a huge fan of shower gels, but these were really quite lovely. The consistency is thin to medium. In actuality for me, this was a perfect thickness, not so thin it was runny and not so thick that it is hard to squeeze out. The scents were fantastic. Again, Cucumber Melon, then a Vanilla Buttercream that is to die for. Followed by Tropical Sunset which is a fruity clean scent. These shower Gels get an A in my book.

My favorite part of the basket was the lip balms. FOUR to feed my lip addiction. I was not disappointed. The flavors were Granny’s Green Apple, tart and yummy, a definite re-order. Cherries Jubilee, another winner a perfect balance of jubilant cherries. Thumpin’ Good Watermelon, in a word YUM. Last but not least, A lil’ Tipsy which is supposed to taste like a wine cooler. It didn’t really remind of that (thankfully) but was a good flavor just the same. These balms glide on smooth and stay on to provide good moisture barriers.

All in all, I have enjoyed my loot from The Mom Lady’s Beauty Booty, and would buy her products in the future. She’s got an incredible selection, good solid products and excellent customer service.