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May 24, 2008

Helping Spread the word!

Those Raven Nights!

Raven Radio, as mentioned in Romantic Times Magazine, is moving to nights! Tune in every Wed at 11-12 PM EST and join Authors Michelle Pillow and Mandy Roth as they talk about everything, nothing and the paranormal. Guests include NY Times and USA Today Bestselling authors as well as those wonderfully talented authors soon to be there, editors, paranormal tour guides, psychics, ghost hunters, specialists and more!

www.ravenhappyhour.com or http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ravenradio

Listeners are welcome to join the live chat or call in to the show to talk to us and our guests. The show will move to its new evening schedule, May 28th where listeners can catch us every Wednesday at 11PM to 12AM EST. We have a lot of authors on the upcoming line up and you can see a full schedule of guests here: http://ravenhappyhour.com/raven_podcast_schedule_of_guests.htm

WANT TO JOIN THE VIRAL CONTEST AND HELP SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT RAVEN NIGHTS? Go to Raven’s blog to learn how you could win free advertising packages! Contest open to authors, readers and other groups! http://ravenhappyhour.com/ravenblog/?p=463

Special Event: Win FREE Stuff

April 21, 2008

Hey everybody!

Be sure to head over to the Shape Shifters Romance blog everyday this week for a chance to win some awesome prizes. It is FREE to enter!

Here’s a little blurb about their blog.

“Welcome to a world of darkness. Where the moon holds power over the hearts of men and beast.
Man and Animal
Animal and Man.
Beneath the power of the moon
Their hearts collide.

Within these pages you will find the words of the authors who bring you the most animalistic of lovers, the most natural of romance. For within these pages you will learn about ShapeShifter Romance.”

If you like romance with a supernatural / paranormal twist, then this is a must read blog for you. You will find authors; AJ Hampton, Jennifer St. Giles, Lori Devoti, Marcia Colette, Rebecca York, Teresa D’Amario and Terry Spear.

So here’s the deal. Monday through Friday of THIS week these lovely authors will be giving away prizes on the Shape Shifters Romance blog. All you have to do is find the post of the week and answer the question they provide. Today’s question was really easy and interesting. You can go over and check out what my answer was. For those of you who may be saying to themselves “I never win anything”, this is a great chance to prove yourself wrong. I don’t win often, BUT I entered a contest at another author website last month and won an ARC (advanced reading copy) of their upcoming book which is in a favorite series of mine. (watch for the review later this week). I was SHOCKED, but oh so glad I stopped by and entered.

While I was checking out the authors mentioned above, I realized that one of them is giving away a free item, all you have to do is email them. Visit each of their sites to figure out who it is. I have already requested my FREE goody!

Have fun!

Book Review: Happy Hour of the Damned by Mark Henry

April 4, 2008

Another day, another book read. Today’s review is about a new book by Mark Henry a fellow Seattleite. Amazingly enough the book is set in Seattle as well. Ok not amazing, but cool none the less! Happy Hour of the Damned is an urban fantasy about modern day and oh so hip celebrity ghoul (read zombie) Amanda Feral and her adventures as one of Seattle’s newly undead. You really have to admit Feral is a perfect last name for a zombie!

Let me start by saying that zombies are really not my thing, and more than once felt myself fighting back a dry heave, upon reading some of the flesh eating, putrefying commentary. There was a line about a guy munching on an ear like a potato chip that almost did me in LOL. Give me a vampire and a little blood sucking any day! Pus and exploding bowels…not so much. It gives the phrase “no it doesn’t taste like chicken” a whole new meaning. Thankfully there are also vampires, werewolves, and a few succubi involved in the storyline. Despite my initial squeamishness, I dug in and really got into this groovy tale.

I think none of you will be surprised that Starbuck’s is featured and is at the center of a plot for global destruction. I commented to Mark that I would never look at bucky’s the same after reading this great book. Our local Safeway barista really has an undead look to her gaze. <shudder>

Amanda is a hip and sassy undead fashionista with a skin care regimen to make Liz Taylor proud. Really, even I learned some things from her!

This book was a slower read for me than usual. for the most part I can knock out a book in just a few hours. One thing that is different that slowed me down were a lot of footnotes. Pretty much on every page. But these weren’t your regular footnotes denoting resources, but a running commentary on whatever was going on. So, you have to read them to get the deeper nuances of some of the humor Mark presents. Since my normal Ellen Woodhead Sped Redding course mode of reading so fast I barely see the pages move wasn’t working, I found myself forgetting the footnotes and then remembering and having to go back. It isn’t critical that you read them, but they definitely add another dimension.

The humor presented in this book is definitely scathing and razor sharp. I pride myself on being fairly quick witted (no commentary from the Peanut Gallery needed thank you very much), but even I missed a few things that were thrown in, only to realize later what I had missed. So, it was good for a fun read, during and after. I am still chuckling about a few things. Plus I have a few new cocktail recipes to boot!

All in all, I can say that is book gets a 4.8 star rating from this humble reviewer. While I won’t be going out and digging up (ha ha) any new sources of Zombie reading material, I cannot WAIT for the next installment in the Amanda Feral chronicles “Road Trip of the Living Dead”.

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Purchase a copy by clicking this link: Happy Hour of the Damned