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Oh Haagen Dazs How Do I Love Thee?

April 30, 2011

OHMouthGasm. OMG now has a new meaning. You heard it hear first and don’t forget it. And it is linked up to ice cream…of course. I thought it would be chocolate at least. Alas no….

Flashback to childhood (mine that is)

I hated HATED anything that was almond flavored. Amaretto made me zuke just thinking about it. LOATHED it, couldn’t stand the smell of it in perfume, food, nothing.

Fast forward to the 21st century, I can’t get enough of it. I lurvvvs it, my precious.  I mean, I will try anything with the words almond or amaretto on it now. LOL Don’t worry I’m not hitting the Disaronno the doctors say I can’t booze it up anymore because of my heart (bastages) living in a DRY county (some bastards idea of a cruel and unusual punishment) doesn’t help either but I digress to the new and OMG taste pleasure at hand.

So, we happened to innocently end up in the ice cream aisle “in town” because the selection is always better at the wally world “in town”. And they had MUCHO selectiono of Ben & Jerry’s and Haagen Dazs including this new (to me anyways) Amaretto Almond Crunch – Description (borrowed from their website): crispy almond brittle enveloped in smooth amaretto ice cream creates a rich and crunchy sensation. Oh please, people it was this and much much more!

What I like about Haagen Dazs is that they don’t overstuff their overpriced ice cream with too much crap. Now, don’t get me wrong, I loves me some B&J but the pieces are getting so big in their ice cream, sometimes I can’t find the damn cream! Anyways, it was a perfect blend of just enough bits and sweet creamy amaretto ice cream. Rich? OMGasm so rich…. I should have stopped at the first 4 or 5 bites and left the pint to somebody else or for later.

*shameface* (sung to the tune of Lady Gaga’s poker face)

Guess who had a sick stomach? ME. Walk of blog shame, I ate the whole pint. Man I am still feeling it today. I haven’t been eating as much sugar and junk stuff for the last month or two. And instead of listening to my body when it said it had had enough at 4 bites, dummy me didn’t listen.


Have any of you tried this flavor? I give it 5 out of 5 cones!

Here are a few others I want to try from the Haagen Dazs line:

blueberry crumble

caramel apple pie

sweet chai latte

banana split which we have in the freezer

Another one of theirs I recently tried and really liked was their Bananas Foster. I don’t see myself getting it all the time, because again like the Amaretto Almond Crunch it is SO rich. But yummy.

What are you favorite ice cream flavors?

Decays, Decays, Decays

April 27, 2011

I am a wanna be make up fashionista. Is there such a thing? Who knows, I hardly wear any make up anymore because lets face it, I rarely leave my room or my house. And here in the buckle of the Bible belt there aren’t to many highfalutin’ places to dazzle folks with your high class cosmo-etics if you get my drift. It’s more of a Wet N’ Wild country down here.

I digress to my current decaying NIGHTMARE product. I had purchased a few Urban Decay products back in the day when they first came out years ago. When I was still somewhat of a cutie. But I was somewhat loathe to buy any of their products site unseen from their website since it had been so many years and it is really hard to tell color online. At least for me it is. If some of you have some unknown ingenious technique for doing so, please step right up and share.

FINALLY last November I took the plunge and purchased some products. I bought a tube of Wicked Lipstick, which is the item of my wrath today. One of those Killer custom lip tube holders, Revolver fragrance oil (AWESOME), All Nighter Make Up Setting Spray and received a free retrograde eyeshadow (which was the evil freebie that lured me in for the buy).

So, yes, I DID purchase this lipstick in he middle of November and it is now the end of April. Roughly 5 months ago. How long does lipstick last before it goes bad?

Because this stuff tastes like absolute shit. Sorry UD, but I almost puked when I put it on. I thought there was some kind of chemical meltdown that was happening. I have had some pretty bad stuff pass by these lips in my 40 years, and this one is right up there with rancid meat dunked in chemical waste. I kid you not. Noxious and horrifying. I was on my way out the door to a family event the first time I tried it, and I slapped some cheap Bonne Bell vanilla swirl flavored lip gloss over it before the taste really hit me. HOLY mother of decaying crap Batman. I thought it was a chemical reaction between this lovely $22.00 Urban Decay lipstick and the cheap lip gloss I had just so idiotically slapped on.  Not so my friends, it was all the lipstick. That Bonne Bell is like Manna from the Heavens right now friends. Because I had to (in the name of freaking science) try this shit on again to be sure it wasn’t that combo.

It has taken me a month, an ENTIRE month to work up the nerve to slap it on again. But now smelling the tube, you can really tell, something isn’t right, it reeks in the tube. I normally never ever tear something to shreds or curse it, but this really pissed me off. I know $22.00 isn’t the most I have ever paid for a lipstick, but dammit, it shouldn’t be bad. Do ALL of their lipsticks taste like this? Is this really taking their branding to a whole new level or did I just get a decayed tube of colored crap? What the hell Urban Decay? WTH?

I guess I will call them and see what they say. I am HOPING somebody else will come forward and tell me if this has been the case with them. or not. That it is just some fluke.

Oh dear Gods, I think I just flamed a lipstick…can my life get any more pathetic? LMFAO

Product Review: Gabrielle Faust Mineral Make Up by Overall Beauty

October 2, 2010

In a former life, I was a goth diva. This was before corporate America devoured me and spit me out as some horribly watered-down punk rocker (okay, my hair is horribly cute, but still, DAMN THE MAN!). Because of this, I jumped at the chance to sample Overall Beauty’s new line inspired by acclaimed vampire novelist Gabrielle Faust. (What? You haven’t checked out The Eternal Vigilance vampire series?? Go forth, minions!)
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