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Product Review: 7 Deadly Zins

April 28, 2008

Lodi Vineyards

This weekend we picked up a bottle of this interesting wine. The Seven Deadly Zins 2006 from Lodi Vineyards. Admittedly I have never even tasted red zinfandel so had no idea what to expect. As with most wines I purchase based on the label art and the type. In this case the label was hilarious, so it warranted a place in my wine nook. Here’s what the vineyard which produces this blend had to say on their website:

“A sinful blend indeed! Our flagship Zinfandel was devised by the two Phillips brothers in their search for a blended Zin so captivating that no one could refuse. With consistency in mind, the brothers decided to blend the fruit of Lodi’s finest growers to fill the bottles of Michael~David’s new-fangled wine. In the end, seven vineyards were chosen for their superiority. Now, how do you label a wine so unique in style? Looking to their past, the two Phillips brothers quickly related the Seven Sins from their Catholic school upbringing to the seven Old Vine Zinfandels blended in their wine.”

Sooo, let me be the first to say (at least here on my blog) that this wine tasted NOTHING like their descriptive promises of

“Lustful Flavors: A vibrant, sweet bouquet of raspberry jam, molasses and cinnamon toast evoke the senses of carefree youthful nights. Excellent oak integration provides silken tannins and spice to pair with Lodi’s unrestricted wild berry fruit.”

At first smell and taste it was like burnt wood. Not unpleasant mind you, but burnt wood none the less. Maybe that was the “excellent oak integration” coming through for me. Maybe and this is a short maybe I could smell a hint of some kind of spice, but it was more like a tich of tobacco smoke. Very hard to describe. I can tell you that I did not taste any molasses (thank the Gods), raspberry jam or cinnamon toast (come on guys really?). LOL

Their site mentions that it would be good with BBq’d Salmon (back to the burnt wood theme) or prime rib. I paired it with lamb and beef with plenty of garlic, and it offset the meal quite nicely if I do say so myself. It wasn’t too overpowering yet held its own through the life of the bottle.

All this being said, it was a pretty tasty bottle of wine. Not one that
I would probably purchase again, but would give as a gift for the
novelty of the name and premise behind it. Very creative in that
respect. I leave you with this additional poetic excerpt from their site:

“Schulenburg’s vines, grubby with GREED,
Embrace Lodi’s soil, to drink and to feed.
Oh Lord, forgive me my zin.
Secure in it’s strength, weathered with PRIDE,
Standing like soldiers, the forest of Snyde.
Oh Lord, forgive me my zin.
Hearts filled with LUST, ole Maley’s trees.
Court Lodi’s sun, and flirt with it’s breeze.
Oh Lord, forgive me my zin.
Good Bishofberger did raise some GLUTTONOUS beast,
Vines fattened like turkeys before Thanksgiving feast.
Oh Lord, forgive me my zin.
With the tilt of the glass, I commit seven zins,
Oh Lord, with your help… I’ll do it again.

This was a non sponsored thread, meaning that I used my own money to
buy this product for review, and I have received no monetary gain
from this post.