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65% off Site Wide at A Charming Time Now – Create Your Incredible Year

December 26, 2012

Easy just stop by http://acharmingtime.com and fill up your cart use coupon code: ICANTDRIVE65 for 65% of all of your orders between now and January 5th or until supplies run out! Not valid on custom orders and no rain checks. Most items are one of a kind. First come first served. Get your shop on!

Come on and RSVP for the Friday Night Nails Auction this Friday December 28th the last one of the year!

Also, every Saturday at 7:00 pm CST you can find items from us at the Queen Bee Auction Just look for the items marked Patroozie at either of these auctions. RSVP for next Queen Bee on January 5th:

Do you want to create YOUR INCREDIBLE 2013?

I was introduced to the most amazing workbook and planner by a dear friend of mine. She’s been a part of a fantastic group of women since last spring and has been talking to me about them off and on and how it has changed her life. Recently she did a video review of the Incredible 2013 Create Your Incredible Year Calendar and Workbook after watching the video and seeing just how interactive and SIMPLE the book was to work with I HAD to get a copy for myself. And it is less than then bucks! I got to the site and they had multiple options, they have a personal and a business edition. Of course I wanted both, you can buy a bundle for less. They also offer an amazing opportunity to join the women’s circle where you get all of the materials they have for a yearly membership.

I was really torn, should I spend the money or not. So, I left it to a little hard work and the Universe. If It was meant to be I would have the money by the end of the day on Monday and if not, it wasn’t meant to be. Guess what! I DID It! On Christmas Eve no less. My journey to an incredible 2013 started with my amazing customers. Thank you so very much to those of you who made my dream begin. I have already started working in my workbook. It has been so freeing and I feel energized and excited to bring you more new jewelry and product lines in the new year. If YOU want to create your own INCREDIBLE year check it out here: http://tinyurl.com/ct68tuh

In The Moody for a Moody Bee Deal?

July 27, 2011

Sometimes I get lucky and get news of an awesome deal and today is our lucky day. Remember the awesome review I did awhile back for Moody Bee Lip Balms here. The best freaking lip balm in the world (yep still standing by that). Well she’s got a quick special running.

Here it is:

“Until July 31 www.moodybee.com will double any lip balm orders.  Buy 5, you’ll receive 10 etc. Good chance to try a great lip balm!” So in other words it is a buy one get one FREE deal! Sweet!
Just buy however many you want and they will automatically double your amount. But only until July 31st.
I wanted to add a little note about the continued awesomeness of these balms. I now live in the south where it is HOT HOT HOT and keep my Moody Bee Balm in the car. Well the heat index frequently hits 115 or more during summer. My balm has minimal melting. It has a tiny bit but it doesn’t turn to liquid and I can still use it. I think it may have to to do with the beeswax though I am no expert. Just another reason to love this product. Now I don’t leave it out on the dash mind you, but it is always in the hot car. Because I still keep one in every room/place I go so I am never without it.
Now, run do not walk to get yours!

Product Purchase, I Scored BIG Time

December 9, 2008

Hey everybody!

So, the holidays have kept me really busy, and I know I owe several reviews of lovely products which will be forthcoming. In the meantime, I had to share with you the awesome product SCORE I ordered this week courtesy of my new and lovely Avon Rep, Gloria Sutton!

You see I have had a BIG problem with Avon in the past. The problem was two fold, first it was addiction to their products and the biggest one was KEEPING a rep! Yep it is true, I had a lovely Avon rep years ago (you know who you are!) and lost her when she went on to other things in her life (really good things though). A girl can’t hold that against her rep can she? No! But in some small corner of my mind, I kept resisting Avon products and their siren call when I would see catalogs laying around various doctors offices and coffee shops. Thinking, I couldn’t lose another happy symbiotic relationship between me and my dealer errr I mean Avon rep.

That was until recently. I have been very blessed to have moved clear across the country to the arms of my new family (well newly met anyways). I received a very disturbing call the other day from Gloria (who shares the same birthday as me so you KNOW she’s got to be fab right?) mentioning my drug of choice…. I almost dropped the phone when she told me she was going to be emailing me her WEB addy on the Avon site so I could order my beloved products once again. Uh, not only that, but there was FREE SHIPPING involved in the deal.

Now, I suppose you are wondering what I ordered? What I am waiting for this very moment to hit my doorway….

Okay here’s the stash and believe me, reviews will be forthcoming!

Naturals Lip Balms in Vanilla and Peach for only .69 cents each!

Flavor Savers Lip Gloss in Cherry again only .69 cents!

Clearskin® Cleansing Pads I have been really wanting to try these and get some for my teenage son and who could pass it up for only $2.99 a jar.

PLANET SPA Mediterranean Olive Oil Conditioning Hair Mask $4.50

NATURALS Plum and Nectarine Moisturizing Milk $3.00

NATURALS Mandarin Jasmine Body Lotion $2.99

NATURALS Banana Coconut Milk Body Lotion $3.50

ULTRA COLOR RICH K Gold Lipstick one each of Golden Raisin and Golden Wine only $4.99 per tube!

NATURALS Tropical Tote only $2.99 this is SO cute!

Earth scented Body Butter by Mark – $12.00 it was the most expensive thing I purchased. I thought about the perfume, but wanted to check the scent first. I have been eyeballing it for awhile now, so what time than the present to try it.

I tossed in a few other goodies too, but I am NOT telling what they are in case prying eyes are reading and lest the holiday surprise be ruined.

MAN I miss my Avon. I am seriously loving the fact that I don’t have to wait for anything, there are no more forms to fill out, heck I don’t even have to see Glo, to get my goods. Not that I don’t love seeing her mind you, but when a girl needs a fix, she needs it NOW! They are coming right to my door for FREE with no hassle and before Christmas hits.

Admittedly I was a bit hesitant to use the Avon website at first because when I last tried it years ago it was a nightmare. Now it runs smooth as glass. Just register shop and check out. DUDE they even take Paypal now! Avon welcome to the 21st century and apparently to my Paypal account. LOL

Some of you may be wondering about the catalogs and samples, you can still get those if you like, old ways die hard in the world of beauty and Avon. You can go right here: http://gloriasutton.avonrepresentative.com/ and get register with Gloria, AND there is a code for FREE Shipping on any sized order. Yep, any sized! All you have to do is register with her and you are set! The main Avon says it is for orders of $30.00, but Gloria has an in, and she will hook you up!

Now, I have gone on and ON about my pending order, I would love to hear about your favorite Avon products, both current and from years gone by. I have so many wonderful memories about Avon products I want to share, but don’t have much time left for today. But my favorite product as a child were the solid perfume pendants. I thought those were the coolest thing since sliced bread. They impressed me so much that I can honestly say that Avon inspired me to make my own perfumes as an adult and start a business from it.

OH oh oh! I remember the other thing I loved! Those little mini lipstick tubes. OMG The samples? I loved them! Okay I am rambling. Hit me with your favorites, and be sure to tell Gloria I sent you to get some goodies. :) There is literally something there for everybody! Not just cosmetics and bath goodies! I was floored buy the selection and excellent pricing as well!

Happy Shopping!

E-Tailer Review: Lindsay’s Candles & Stuff

October 15, 2008

Website: http://lindsayscandles.com/index.html

Country: Canada

Blog: No

Newsletter: Yes, on the main page

US Shipping: Yes flat rate $12.99 free for orders over $100.00

International Shipping: Yes to the US only

Discounts: WSIMD readers Use the code weird to save 20% off your entire order. Expires 11/30/08.

Lindsay Green is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to bath and candle products. When I opened my box from Lindsay’s Candles & Stuff it was a wave of unbelievably scrumptious smells!

I have always loved her packaging, it is simple clear cut and cute. Everything is clearly labeled which I really like. My box had a soap, three wax melts and a lip balm.

I took these products on the RV with me when we moved across country, and have toted them a long way. The Orange Lip Balm was a savior on the road as we moved from one extreme temperature to another, plus the AC blowing in your face for 14 hours a day, did not leave my skin in great shape. I don’t know what I would have done without this balm. When Lindsay says orange, she means ORANGE. It tastes fresh squeezed and provides great moisturizing while leaving just a little shine behind. For $2.50 Canadian, you really can’t beat this Lip Balm.

The most amazing bar of soap kept us both going through those long days. The Wake Me Up Soap Bar did just that each morning at the KOA! It has pure essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint, lemon and wintergreen in it. It is all natural and provides just the right kick to get your day started right. This is one bar of soap that is on my must have list. The other bonus is that it doesn’t dry out my skin like other natural soaps I have tried in the past. So, an A+ to Lindsay!

Moving right along to my favorite addiction….Wax Melts! I actually burned these in the house the last few days right before we moved, and was super sad to see the last one go. The first one was Cinnamon Buns. WOW! It was strong and lasted all day (as in 24 hours) and filled the house up. Now this is a scent that is typically hit and miss with most e-tailers. Not so with Lindsay’s Candles & Stuff. It was dead on, and didn’t have any bizarre after scent. Next was the Warm Apple Pie melt. I am drooling thinking about that tart. It is on my MUST buy tart list. You can quote me when I say…It is so freaking good! Now, the Jamaica Me Crazy melt was intense. Very fruity/tropical. Again excellent scent throw that lasted into the next day. I would buy this one in bulk too. It was that yummy. The neat thing about these Wax Melts is you can actually get them color coordinated to your preference to match your rooms. LOL, how cool is that?

When it comes to service and quality, Lindsay’s Candles & Stuff simply cannot be beat. If you are balking at ordering from a Canadian company, do not hesitate, run to the border, cross and BUY people. If you don’t, you are missing out.

E-Tailer Review: The Mom Lady’s Beauty Booty

Website: http://themomlady.com/

Country: USA

Blog: http://www.themomlady.wordpress.com/

Newsletter: Yes, use the contact form to request to be added.

US Shipping: Yes

International Shipping: No

Discounts: WSIMD readers can take 30% off their entire purchase use discount code WEIRD30. Coupon valid through 12/31/08 and can be used unlimited times.

Arrrggghhhh me hearties! I have quite the treasure trove to share with you today! I have sailed (ok surfed) the seven seas (read internet) for treasures near and dear to me heart lasses. At The Mom Lady’s Beauty Booty there be treasure! My hoard of goodies has traveled all the way from the Emerald City to the wilds of KY (the state not the Jelly), and they have not fared well. As in, the loot is almost GONE. I have to switch back to my regular persona, cause the pirate talk is giving me a headache. LOL

I received an amazing gift basket packed full of delights. Here’s what was in the basket, then I will hit the highlights. Three shower gels, 4 lip balms, 1 body lotions (one HUGE, one small), a rubber ducky AND a fish shaped nail brush. To say that owner Elaine Neetz went all out for me is an understatement. This fine lady knows how to build a truly dreamy gift basket.

Lets talk about the packaging. Simple from the word go, which I like. Lets face it folks, I am not in the shower for a tea party. I need product packaging that holds up and it doesn’t have to be super fancy. Everything is clearly labeled with the ingredients and the scent. And of course adorned with the oh so cute and piratey Mom Lady’s logo. The only thing I didn’t care for was the small lotion bottle, it was a super stiff plastic that was hard for me to squeeze. Nor did I like the large lotion that was in a jar. It was the same stuff, just in a jar. I am a squeezer not a scooper when it comes to lotion. Don’t like getting it under my nails. Then have to wash my hands to get the stuff out. Which then leaves me with no lotion on my hands again.

Now, on to the actual lotion. It is a medium thickness lotion that goes on smooth and is not greasy feeling at all. It looks slightly grainy, but you do NOT feel that aspect at all. The scenting on the Veggie Fruit Fruit lotion jar was medium, and the cucumber melon tended to linger (in a good way). The little bottle was unscented Shea’s Buttered Buns lotion. So, as far as lotion goes, it gets an A.

Moving on to the shower gels. Now, I am not a huge fan of shower gels, but these were really quite lovely. The consistency is thin to medium. In actuality for me, this was a perfect thickness, not so thin it was runny and not so thick that it is hard to squeeze out. The scents were fantastic. Again, Cucumber Melon, then a Vanilla Buttercream that is to die for. Followed by Tropical Sunset which is a fruity clean scent. These shower Gels get an A in my book.

My favorite part of the basket was the lip balms. FOUR to feed my lip addiction. I was not disappointed. The flavors were Granny’s Green Apple, tart and yummy, a definite re-order. Cherries Jubilee, another winner a perfect balance of jubilant cherries. Thumpin’ Good Watermelon, in a word YUM. Last but not least, A lil’ Tipsy which is supposed to taste like a wine cooler. It didn’t really remind of that (thankfully) but was a good flavor just the same. These balms glide on smooth and stay on to provide good moisture barriers.

All in all, I have enjoyed my loot from The Mom Lady’s Beauty Booty, and would buy her products in the future. She’s got an incredible selection, good solid products and excellent customer service.