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E-Tailer Review: Lindsay’s Candles & Stuff

October 15, 2008

Website: http://lindsayscandles.com/index.html

Country: Canada

Blog: No

Newsletter: Yes, on the main page

US Shipping: Yes flat rate $12.99 free for orders over $100.00

International Shipping: Yes to the US only

Discounts: WSIMD readers Use the code weird to save 20% off your entire order. Expires 11/30/08.

Lindsay Green is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to bath and candle products. When I opened my box from Lindsay’s Candles & Stuff it was a wave of unbelievably scrumptious smells!

I have always loved her packaging, it is simple clear cut and cute. Everything is clearly labeled which I really like. My box had a soap, three wax melts and a lip balm.

I took these products on the RV with me when we moved across country, and have toted them a long way. The Orange Lip Balm was a savior on the road as we moved from one extreme temperature to another, plus the AC blowing in your face for 14 hours a day, did not leave my skin in great shape. I don’t know what I would have done without this balm. When Lindsay says orange, she means ORANGE. It tastes fresh squeezed and provides great moisturizing while leaving just a little shine behind. For $2.50 Canadian, you really can’t beat this Lip Balm.

The most amazing bar of soap kept us both going through those long days. The Wake Me Up Soap Bar did just that each morning at the KOA! It has pure essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint, lemon and wintergreen in it. It is all natural and provides just the right kick to get your day started right. This is one bar of soap that is on my must have list. The other bonus is that it doesn’t dry out my skin like other natural soaps I have tried in the past. So, an A+ to Lindsay!

Moving right along to my favorite addiction….Wax Melts! I actually burned these in the house the last few days right before we moved, and was super sad to see the last one go. The first one was Cinnamon Buns. WOW! It was strong and lasted all day (as in 24 hours) and filled the house up. Now this is a scent that is typically hit and miss with most e-tailers. Not so with Lindsay’s Candles & Stuff. It was dead on, and didn’t have any bizarre after scent. Next was the Warm Apple Pie melt. I am drooling thinking about that tart. It is on my MUST buy tart list. You can quote me when I say…It is so freaking good! Now, the Jamaica Me Crazy melt was intense. Very fruity/tropical. Again excellent scent throw that lasted into the next day. I would buy this one in bulk too. It was that yummy. The neat thing about these Wax Melts is you can actually get them color coordinated to your preference to match your rooms. LOL, how cool is that?

When it comes to service and quality, Lindsay’s Candles & Stuff simply cannot be beat. If you are balking at ordering from a Canadian company, do not hesitate, run to the border, cross and BUY people. If you don’t, you are missing out.